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"I want to personally thank you for your wonderful service.  I was hit head-on by a drunk about 2 years ago, and have a permanent bulged disc in my upper spine as a result.  For over a year, I saw my local chiropractor 3 days per week, my primary care physician and a massage therapist once or twice per week. As a small business owner, I'm a VERY busy person and have many demands, so it was difficult to make all of these appointments that seemed to have very temporary and surface level results.  I was told that my only alternative was dreaded surgery or injections and I became very depressed. I  thought that I was never going to heal and this would be my lot in life.

 After just one session with Lanii, I noticed a dramatic improvement and as the full course of treatments progressed, I began feeling and looking notably better.  SOMA therapy and Lanii Chapman have literally been a positive, life-altering experience.  I tell all of my friends and family that they have to try it!"

Kristina R., Realtor, Monroe, WA

"I can't rave enough about SOMA. I am a professional violinist, and struggled so much with tight muscles, to the point where I could only play my violin for 5 minutes. I tried massages, but they didn't help. I only came back from each appointment in more pain.  I heard about SOMA, and decided to give it a try. It completely revolutionized my body, enabling me to play my violin for long extended periods of time.  I left each appointment with so much energy (which is also a big deal because I struggle with an autoimmune disease where I am chronically fatigued). SOMA has greatly impacted my life and I highly recommend it to anyone!"

AnnaRuth B., Violinist

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